Chronic idiopathic urticaria.. miserable

precious 22.11.2017 06:14

Hi. I'm new to the forum. I started itching and breaking out in hives about 9 years ago.. strangely when I became pregnant the hives and itching went away but about 6 on the after delivery, they came back. I've been on all types of medicine. I was hospitalized in 2015 and upon discharge (after 21 days and loads of different antibiotics for hospital acquired pneumonia) the hives disappeared once again. They stayed gone for a little over a year. I was again hospitalized this year due to my severe anemia and a few days after discharge, they came back... Seems to be with a vengeance to make my life miserable. I just wish they would go away or the doctor can find a med to keep them under control. Any suggestions.... Anything will help.

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