Itch Relief

khouser2880 30.03.2020 19:46

Has anyone found a way to relieve their itching! I was just diagnosed with this (I’m 36/f), and I’m trying everything to ease the itch. I have hives that are massive and are all over my sides, legs, thighs, hands, scalp. Any suggestions would be amazing! I’m doing calamine lotion, cortisone ointment

preethi_kayalath 07.05.2020 16:37

I am currently using atarax 25 mg supress the rashes ....and gives relief for a while....see if it works

mollyakh95 26.08.2020 14:40

@khouser2880 I’m really sorry to hear about your condition. Unfortunately it’s one where it affects your day to day life and I’m very hopeful that in the next few years there will be new research on how CU can be handled. However In the meantime I usually use aloe Vera gel, ice packs and I also use a steroid based cream to help with the itching. You can try eumovate before using this mix it with a lotion. Hope this helps and good luck x

paigenicoleford 15.09.2020 09:14

Hi I've been suffering from CU for 2 years and am now on Xolair which is fab!! I have always used a 'aqueous calamine cream' which is cheap in most pharmacies, I'm in the UK though where its usually less than £2 and better than any creams I've had from the doctors.

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