CIU and covid vaccine

tyj233 25.05.2021 13:56

Has any one else experienced a flare up in hives after taking the covid vaccine? I’ve been on zolair for probably two years with no hives. I took the moderna vaccine in April and a week later my hives came back. I got my zolair shot in between the first and second doses of the vaccine and things were mildly better but the hives are still here. I get my next zolair shot tomorrow and I’m praying it helps but am I alone in this reaction?

igetciu 22.06.2021 19:11

My CIU has been gone for a 2.5 years, without Xolair. I had the second Moderna shot and they came back. I’m so bummed.

riman 15.09.2021 12:19


no, I got mine back after first Pfizer. I think, If the world would be shitty about being vaccinated or not, I would rather go for Johnsson. At least you get vaccinated after first shot. So far I refused the second shot, because nobody (as always :D) has any idea, If it is good or bad.

I remember I found at one artical, where they had people with previous chronic hives and what happened after Moderna or Pfizer. Moderna was better, but it could have been statistical error, because Pfizer hat a lot less people there. I can not find that artical anymore, but I would be please If these statistics would be kept for us.

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