i feel miserable and isolate myself...what to do

safy 23.05.2018 08:34

Hi guys, im new here. sadly im having chronic urticaria. i had acute urticaria 4 years ago...it disappear for 1 year and now back again with worse strike and swollen. i feel so miserable. seen doctors and taken all type of antihistamine. latest i took monthly Xolair injection, still teh same. please help if you any solution to at least i could rest for i day/

Thanks Safy

preethi_kayalath 07.05.2020 16:46

Hi safy...even I can understand your pain...I have been through this hell for 5 years...till today no one is able to detect this issue...may be I feel a group should be made where we all can discuss together what is the thing that is common ...which have triggered this disease...may be then we can find itz cure

bfawlty2019 06.07.2020 00:32

Just joined this group to share my experience. I developed this condition in my late teens. My family doc chalked it up to heat urticaria and prescribed Benadryl. After about a month of no relief, I essentially gave up as other docs didn’t have anything different to offer. After 40 years of misery, I finally found an allergist that recognized the link between chronic heat urticaria and the thyroid. My doc had me get bloodwork done. My TSH was a bit elevated. So, he prescribed low dose Synthroid (Levothyroxine ) and the antihistamine Cyproheptadine. Six weeks after filling the script, I found myself symptom-free. This has changed my life, needless to say. Everyone’s different. Even so, I’d talk to my doc about the possible thyroid connection if I were you. I’m still in disbelief by the changes I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks. I don’t fear warm rooms, becoming anxious or irritable, or spicy foods anymore.

ankeshkatoch 26.10.2020 05:20


paxton227 06.11.2021 02:05

I had chronic pressure urticaria for a couple of years. The doctors said it was an unknown auto-immune problem. I was prescribed antihistamine to help with the hives, but it didn’t do much. - I was turning 50 and went for my first colonoscopy. They found cancer. I had a resection removing 12 inches of my colon and the surrounding tissue. I immediately never had an outbreak of hives again. - I know how miserable this is, but never give up hope of finding the reason and cure.

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