Newly diagnosed and looking for advice

dee 24.04.2021 15:28

Hello, After been misdiagnosed for 12 months, I have been diagnosed with chronic urticaria and have been suffering with it for over one year.
I have been placed on multiple antihistamines per day and short term oral steroids since the topic did not help and it just seems to be taking over my body, head to toe. I now have scars from old wounds and new hives appearing daily. I try to keep my skin covered because the cuts are so bad from scratching and I am embarrassed. I am finding this so hard to live with. I am a young mum with a new baby and I feel like it has taken over my life. Has anybody any tips on how to cope? Things I should avoid eating? Or good moisturisers that actually help with the itch as my doctor I feel has just fobbed me off.

ambya09 27.04.2021 05:36


Sorry you’re having a hard time! I know what it’s like. I have had chronic hives for over ten years. It took me 5 years to find treatment that helped. What kind of doctor are you seeing? I’d recommend an allergist/immunologist who has treated chronic hives before. I haven’t found any topical treatments that work longer than 5 minutes or diets (I’ve tried a lot of stuff). I have to fall back on the oral steroids too when they get so bad! Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone! And I’m a new mom too! Thinking Of you!

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