Newly diagnosed and really struggling

jessika1990 18.08.2021 18:54

I have been suffering with chronic hives for the last 2 months I break all every single day sometimes multiple times a day all over my body fingers toes hands feet stomach legs arms and I am really struggling I am very depressed because of it and I don’t know how to deal with it nothing is working please any advice for me?

riman 15.09.2021 12:26

Hi Jessica,

I remember this feeling, but everybody has something in his life. I took from it great diet skills. I am more aware then ever what to eat and what are the allergens, it helped me understand my whole life skin problems.

It is depressing, that nobody has cure, but one day you will get back to normal life and live. Stay strong and patient and try to enjoy life as much as possible. Usually it does not help to be too strict in diet or what ever trigger you have for more then 4-6 weeks.

cinn06 28.09.2021 14:59

Jessika - Look on Facebook for support groups. They’ve been a huge help to me, to see other bodies that look like mine, and hear what works for different people.

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