The reason i have delayed pressure urticaria

olhakondratenko 05.12.2020 03:26

Hello everyone, i am new here. I have delayed pressure urticaria for already 5 years. Ive been to few doctors and even a professor but it seems like they dont want to do tbeir job. I believe there is a reason these allergies started. I want to find a reason of my allergies. Did anyone find out the reason of urticaria?

olhakondratenko 08.04.2021 12:07

Hello everyone, again. I think i might have found the reason of my allergies. I have delayed pressure urticaria. So, i stopped eating sugar at all, like pastries, chocolate, anything at all. After some time allergies stopped. Maybe it will help someone.

cinn06 28.09.2021 14:58

It’s important to realize that these aren’t allergies. It’s an “unknown cause.”

paxton227 06.11.2021 01:45

I had chronic pressure urticaria for two years. The doctors had no idea why and couldn’t help me. They just said it was an unknown auto- immune problem. At times, I couldn’t walk, sleep or do any activities without severe hives. - I was turning 50 and had a colonoscopy. They found cancer. I had a resection to remove it and my pressure urticaria immediately went away. I’m now 2 years cancer free and hive free. I know how miserable you are and hope they can find out what’s causing yours as well.

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