preethi_kayalath 07.05.2020 16:35

Hi , I am an indian.I am suffering from chronic urticaria from past 5 years..I don't know how I got this disease.And in our country it is a new disease.so itz hard for me to find a treatment for the same. Please can someone help me treat this.

ankeshkatoch 26.10.2020 05:09


mychel 28.04.2021 15:51

Hello. I have had allergies all my life but 2 years ago this June I was diagosed ICU and it has never left me. I tried everything, even coffee enema and it has not helped me one bit. some days are better but most days it is not. Ironically my diet is 99% none meat. I am at the end of the line. Is there a cure at all out there?

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