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  1. Key Messages
  2. 2023 Logo
  3. Colour Scheme
  4. Typography​
  5. Social Media Assets
  6. How to edit in Canva
  7. T-shirts
  8. Patient Interviews
  9. Get Involved!
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Key Messages

Care should be universal and accessible for all.

Living with urticaria can be incredibly challenging, with its unpredictable flare-ups and the impact it can have on our daily lives. It is crucial that everyone affected by this condition has equal access to the care they need to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Care should be timely and appropriate.

Living with urticaria brings its unique set of challenges, and receiving timely and appropriate care is essential for managing this condition effectively. Every person deserves access to prompt medical attention, accurate diagnoses, and tailored treatment plans to alleviate symptoms and enhance their quality of life.

Care should consider everything including mental health and comorbidities.

While urticaria can be debilitating and hard to treat, it is not just a physical disease and can impact our emotional well-being and often intertwines with other health conditions. To provide comprehensive care, it’s crucial to address the mental health aspects and consider comorbidities alongside the management of urticaria.

Care should be affordable.

Living with urticaria can place a significant financial burden on individuals and families, as medical expenses accumulate over time. Access to affordable care is not a luxury but a fundamental right that everyone should have, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Care should include support from your local patient group.

Living with urticaria you can feel lonely. That’s why patient groups play a vital role in providing a nurturing and understanding environment where you can find solace, information, and a sense of belonging. Patient groups are composed of individuals who understand the daily struggles of living with urticaria and can help each other.

The Urticaria Day 2023 logo should be used on all materials associated with its events. The following logo options are available to download and use.

The logo comes with different colour versions as well as with and without the theme strapline and can be used alternately. The colours of the coloured logo should not be changed. The coloured logo can be replaced with white or black version depending on the background but the colour logo should always be the first choice.

Minimum Size

The minimum relative height of the logo for print should be 20 x 20 mm

Clear Space

To protect the clarity and visual integrity of the logo, a minimum clear space area exists and it should be in the height of the letter “y” from the logo.

Scale and Placement

Logo should always be scaled proportionally. It should never be rotated or placed on a busy photographic background. Don’t rearrange elements of our logo or omit any of the logo elements, with the exception of the theme strapline. Avoid any effects such as drop shadows.

Colour Scheme

Urticaria Day uses the following colour pallet.
RGB 193 216 59
CMYK 30 0 86 0
RGB 23 52 108
CMYK 79 52 0 58
The following gradient can also be used


UDAY2023 primary font is:

Sofia Pro

Alternative font is:
Nunito Sans

Social Media Assets

A library of Social Media assets are available for you to use on your channels. The library includes images based on the theme and key messages, as templates that will allow you to prepare personalised content, insert local messages and use translated copy.

How to edit in Canva

To edit the assets in Canva and ensure that everyone can use posts as their template please duplicate the whole page with all the assets. 

This way only you will have access to that copy document and you can freely edit all the assets.

Simply click on ‘file’ located in the top left menu and then ‘make a copy’.


Resources also include graphics prepared for print on tshirts. 

Patient Interviews

We are currently creating some interviews with urticaria patients and healthcare professionals from all over the world. 

Watch our channels and website to see them! 

We encourage you to share these on you channels and where possible, create and share stories of your own patients!

Get Involved!

Make a difference on Urticaria Day 2023 by actively participating in or organizing a UDAY event. 

Every contribution counts towards making a long-lasting change! 

Share the details of your event on our official UDAY 2023 website to have it included in our official event list. 

Whether you host a small or big gathering, start a local support group, or find unique ways to raise awareness about urticaria, let’s spread the word and make October 1st an unforgettable day!

How else you can get involved?

    • Share the UDAY logo 
    • Use UDAY resources and translate/adapt them to your digital channels
    • Share your activities on the UDAY website and social channels
    • Get involved in hosting your Urticaria Walk – read more here.
  • Use the official #UDAY2023 and #UrticariaDay2023 on social media

Spread the word and make October 1st a memorable day!

Urticaria Walk

We would love to see people involved in raising awareness around the whole world, that’s why we encourage everyone to take part and create their own events. Walks are very popular, engaging and great way to do so.

We have created a special Urticaria Walk  toolkit to provide guidance and resources to Urticaria Patient Groups interested in hosting. 

The Urticaria Walk aims to raise awareness about urticaria, support patients and their families, and raise funds for research and patient advocacy initiatives. By organizing this walk, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by urticaria.

Download the toolkit to read more and get involved!

Official Partners

Urticaria Day 2023 is supported by the URTICARIA NETWORK E.V. (UNEV), the UCARE network and many organizations worldwide that are committed to improving the lives of urticaria patients.



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